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BK-Undertakeis a financial education and entrepreneurship program based on the new theories of "Behavioral Economics", also called "Emotional Economics".

Based on the research work carried out by the Nobel Prize winners in economics, Daniel Kahneman and Ricard Thaler, we have designed an innovative training program focused on the social, psycho-emotional, cultural and personality elements that decisively influence the decision-making of financial and business character.

We have made an effort to ensure that these complex theories are expressed in a simple way in a series of workshops, lessons, talks, videos and exercises, which allow non-specialized and often vulnerable population groups to benefit from the teachings of these theories.

We have tested this program in several highly complex environments where we highlight the very successful development in an alliance between the EDUCA program of the Central Bank of Uruguay, CAF Social Innovation unit, the Development Bank of Latin America and FUNDEFIR for the training in financial education and entrepreneurship for inmates in the male and female prisons in that country.

The program had a great impact, especially because some of the participants stated that financial education, seen from that human perspective, but scientifically based, allowed them to better understand their emotional relationship with money.

Here are two short videos about this program in Uruguay



The BK-Groups is the name we use in Colombia for our traditional "Bankomunales". These are a group of friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers or members of a church or a union that come together to provide savings and credit services to each other. The way they raise their money is through the purchase of shares or participations (microinvestment).

With the actions they form the capital with which they give the credits between them.

The credits pay interests and those interests are the profits that are distributed among themselves in relation to the shares that each one has.

Each month more partners can join (but in Colombia there cannot be more than 19). Likewise, month by month, each member can buy new shares and thus the group's capital grows, which alows the amount of credits also increases and, of course, the profits.

What is a BK Group?

THE BK-Club es  a subscription system that gives community members the opportunity to access goods and services that help build financial resilience

With a low cost monthly subscription you can access different services:

  • Insurance adapted to your family needs

  • business insurance

  • business credit

  • Home Improvement Credit

  • Financial and business education programs with completely new content and based on the new theories of "The economics of conduct"

  • Discounts on medical appointments and laboratory tests

  • Access to discounts on recreation (cinemas, parks, trips, etc.)

  • For more information we invite you to visit our page

Operation of a BK-Group

BK-Groups for companies

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