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Fundefir present At expo dubai2020 The Good PLace

This Pavilion is one of the most beautiful of the Expo2020 World Fair and is dedicated to social entrepreneurship. It's called THE GOOD PLACE and it's part of the Expolive program that brings together the best social practices on the planet.

This Pavilion was specially designed to show to more than 20 million visitors that are expected to visit during the 6 months that the Expo will last, the best innovations in the social field. The name THE GOOD PLACE shows the relevance that the 2020 Dubai World Fair attributes to the enormous efforts made by civil society to achieve a better world.

FUNDEFIR is proud to be one of the Social Organizations to be present in this pavilion and very happy that we have been placed in one of the most relevant sites. It is a beautiful multimedia stand where a video is shown with the most relevant characteristics of our Bankomunales model. In this Stand you can sit on a small bench and on the site is a sound amplifier where you can hear the voice of Salomón Raydan explaining the Bankomunales model.

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