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We won the MAPFRE Award for Insurance Innovation

Maribel Torcatt Cofunder

After a long and demanding process, FUNDEFIR won the award for Innovation in Insurance, in the MAPFRE Foundation awards, which recognizes the global contribution to the topic of Social Innovation.

After a first arduous selection process, FUNDEFIR had already been chosen in May as one of the finalist projects by the Hispanic countries of Latin America, where it would defend its Bk Club project, against other participants from other regions (Europe and Brazil) , in a final "eliminatory" in Madrid, headquarters of the MAPFRE Foundation.

Around 10 a.m. (Spanish time), on October 10, the winning projects were announced, in a ceremony held at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, in an auditorium with at least 300 attendees, among officials and friends of the foundation, diplomatic representatives of the participating countries, and the public interested in the subject, as well as impact investors.

The awarded initiatives were the Spanish company Navilens, in the Sustainable Mobility category, who presented a device that helps people with visual disabilities to better orient themselves in their day-to-day life; Neurobots, in the e-Health section, a system that helps in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke.

FUNDEFIR was the awarded project in the Insurtech section (insurance innovation). The jury favored the Bk Club, which are based on a platform that promotes the financial inclusion of marginalized communities, with access to education, health, leisure and insurance products and services, which is supported by an application that facilitates the creation, registration and consumption of these services. After leaving at least 200 other projects on the way, FUNDEFIR was chosen as the best Insurance Innovation project, among the

Latin American and European countries. The presentation of the project in front of the juries was the responsibility of Maribel Torcatt, who along with Salomón Raydán, are the architects of this initiative, which today from Colombia, wants to reach the largest number of municipalities in our country, and at the same time, serve as a model that can be replicated in other countries and regions that can perfectly adapt this scheme to their realities.

In the award ceremony led by the President of Mapfre Antonio Huertas, the Infanta Elena de Borbón and Cristina Gallach, the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda, also attended. Huertas stated in his award speech: “In such a global world, they seem like small projects. innovative, but they generate great benefits, especially for those who need it most. They help transform the world”.

In closing, it is worth remembering the principle that Fundación Social Mapfre upholds in front of its affiliates, contest participants and winners: “Dedicated to those who work to improve the world in which we live”. Once again, we congratulate FUNDEFIR

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